2-Day-Intensive by Campbell Caspary and Balboca in Berlin.

Where: Berlin Dance Institute – Egelingzeile 6, 12103 Berlin — Germany

When: 28. & 29. October 2023 from 10 am — 4 pm

Deadline for applications: 14. October 2023


The class will consist of putting the participants into a variety of movement situations to open up the bodies inherent intelligence and let us discover how to be more adaptable in chaotic environments.
With the help of different tools, of your partner and your own imagination we will playfully challenge ourselves in all kinds of physical modes. We will work on Coordinative Skills, Stillness, Joint Articulations, the use of your Voice for health and performance, Partnering exercises and much more.


Movement is an holistic approach to the human body physicallity developed by several teachers and followed by thousand of movers around the globe.
These techniques combine exercises of strength, mobility, coordination, flexibility and other capacities to create a more versatile body that can adapt to different environments and situations.

Inspired by the teachings of some of the most important names in the field, Movement Lisboa was born and founded by Tiago Martins and André Dias, a powerful duo who dedicate their work on sharing several techniques in Lisboa, Portugal under the guidance of different approaches. They also develop their own research and practices in order to update body possibilities and knowledge to get everybody / anybody moving daily and healthier.

The second part of the class will focus on dance improvisation. We will work on speed, precision, rythm, quality of movement, and how to use your imagination and enter in a different body state.


Campbell Caspary is a Berlin born actor and dancer, with rich knowledge in performing on stage and for the camera, voicework methods and movement practices including Classic Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
He will be teaching an Inspire by Fighting Monkey class.

FM practice is developed by founders Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea through a deep study of cross motion analysis, and with the aim of understanding principles of human movement, communication and the ageing process.


Balboca is a French/Portuguese contemporary dancer and Movement practitioner, student of Movement Lisboa and Depth Movement.
She mainly works through improvisation and question how to build a strong body through mobility.
She will be teaching Movement and Improvisation.

How to apply:
Send an email to:

Costs for participants: Price: 190€. Early Bird Price: 145€ (till 1st of September)

Contact details: mojointensive@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/balboca___/

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