The 11th No Borders Project interdisciplinary project invites artists of dance, performance, theatre, yoga & meditation, film, and photography to collaborate and create new collective productions to be presented on the final day of the year 31 December 2023 in site specific and in studio theatre.

Where: Athens, GREECE, Artiria Studio

When: 12-31 December 2023

Deadline for applications: Till places are booked (14 places maximum)

Artistic Director & Teacher:
Vangelis Legakis: Contact Beyond Contact, Gliding Space, Choreography, Improvisation & Mentoring

Guest Teachers:
Julyen Hamilton: 3 Days in Space
Dionysios Alamos & Danae Dimitriadi: Shape Shifting
Gonçalo Reis: Contemporary Improvisations
To Be Confirmed: Film & Editing
To Be Confirmed: Yoga & Meditation

Through an intensive process in dance, performance, healing and spirituality we will question and analyze further the borders between the public and the private space, performance and performativity, visual and performance art, art and life, identity and integrity, and values in a traditional and contemporary society. The first week we will discuss on each subject so as for the participants to find their own particular focus and voice for their creative process.

We will work on and integrate the practices of yoga & qigong, on the theory and structure of emotions, on improvisation movement language, choreography and composition so as to embody and find new aspects in our practice, find a fresh perspective of life and a different language to communicate and express to the public.

People from different places of the world with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs and artistic processes, performers and non performers will come together in a collective environment to enhance self-awareness, perception, free will and develop personally and spiritually through the mediums of dance and performance.

The project is organised each year in different country and city across the world to reflect on the year that has passed and welcome in good spirit, energy and heart the new coming year.

How to apply: email your CV, photos and why you wish to be part of the NO BORDERS project to:

Costs for participants: 670 Euros / 520 Euros / 440 Euros

Contact details:

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