International event realized by associazione Koreoproject in collaboration with Folkwang universität der Kunste, city of Lecce and teatro Pubblico Pugliese.

Unique event in Italy, Uni-Tanz provides direct collaboration between Folkwang Universität der Kunste, European institution among the most prestigious in the world of dance, the association Koreoproject, which operates in Italy for Hight Education in dance, and city of Lecce. Uni-Tanz is an event of hight artistic and cultural interest, and is placed in a very beautiful area, Lecce and Salento, with its rare historical and magical landscapes.

Where: Lecce, 73100 Italy.

When: From 05 – 16.09.2016

The Institute of Contemporary Dance ( IZT ) started its works at Folkwang in 2011.
As contemporary dance and dance theatre training, ” Folkwang dance ” has been a particularly formative component of the range of courses at Folkwang since the university was founded in 1927.
” Folkwang dance ” represents a brand name, pointing the way for the understanding of Modern Dance. The goal of dance education at the Folkwang University of the Arts is not to train dancers but human beings who dance, grasp the principles of movement and develop them in their own individual way. Laban, Jooss, Leeder, Züllig, Cébron and Bausch have laid the foundation for a dance education, which even today unfolds ground-breaking impulses into the national and international dance scene.

Uni-tanz  provides lessons in Italian and English. The classes take place from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

Planning and organization
1st week: Contemporary Technique, Improvisation, Composition, and Dance History.
2nd week: Contemporary Technique, Choreography Workshop and Dance History.
Will admit max 25 Students with a good base of Classic and/or Mordern Dance, minimum age of 16
Costs and deadline for application:
€ 350 for each week + 20 ( for registration )
€ 600 for two weeks + 20 ( for registration )
10% discount for registrations received within 15th June. 2016
Admission Student:
To enroll it is necessary to send the application form to within 15th July. 2016 and pay a deposit of € 100 + € 20 (for registration) to Association Koreoproject.

Admission Auditors:
For those who wish to participate by listeners, it is possible to attend Contemporary Technique and Dance History classes at the cost of € 100 + € 20 ( for registration ).
Please send the application form to within 31th July. 2016 and pay a deposit of € 50 to association Koreoproject.


Are expected agreements with B&B in the historical center. 
For more informations : B&B ” La Corte” + 39 335 5607630 

Contact details
+ 39 335 5913430
+ 49 177 2805324

For further information please visit: