TiDA – Théâtre Danse, beneficiary of the grant awarded by Funder35 2015 to the project “Tida Vis Viva”, has opened a new call for a Producer to work with the Company.

Where: Italy

When: permanent contract starting from August 2016

Deadline for application: 13th June 2016


TIDA’s artistic project identifies itself with a critical vision of the society, entertainment, conventional aesthetics and the artistic production in itself.

We are rooted in the field of research, nourished by constant collaborations with young philosophers; the dancers’ bodies are political objects endangered by and at the fingertips of thought, they are the lymph and the beating heart of every performance, which is conceived as a result of research processes arising from a critical stimulus.

We choose to stand on a highly physical level, refusing, at this stage of our research, an extreme intellectualization of the choreography.

Although the dramaturgical writing arises from intellectual motivations, we believe in the translation of these motivations into works in which the body is central. A body that remains faithful to a contemporary aesthetic, and at the same time reclaims its physicality.

We try, though remaining rooted in a research territory, to create performances that SIMULTANEOUSLY move thought, pleasure (in the broadest sense of the term, and extremely distant from the concept of entertainment) and surprise.

TIDA is supported by the Regional Education and Culture Department for Valle d’Aosta and by MIBACT – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (Italy).

Key activities

The Producer will work alongside the administrator in charge of programming, on the following tasks:

-Search and secure funds for new productions

-Initiate, maintain and develop relationships with organisations and potential co-producers

-Complete funding applications for new productions

-Research and manage residency sessions for new productions

-Manage current funding lines (Ministry of Culture, Regional Board)

-Complete project budgets

Personal specifications

-Experience of management or administration in the arts

-Knowledge of touring circuits of the performing arts and dance in particular

-Knowledge of national and international production dynamics

-Good language and writing skills in Italian, English, French

-Interest and knowledge of the contemporary dance industry

-Ability to work independently and to take initiative

-Excellent interpersonal skills

About the position

Job description: Producer

Terms and conditions of employment:

-The post is offered on a permanent contract starting from August 2016

-Part-time contract

-The post includes a 2-month probationary period

-The post will involve some travel related to the Company’s activities

Salary: 750 € per month

Location: this is a homeworking job. We do not require the Producer to move from his/her place of residence, but we require availability for short-medium length trips in Italy and abroad.

Other: the Producer will have the opportunity to attend specialization courses at national and international arts management organizations, the expenses of which will be fully paid by the Company.

How to apply

Send full CV and cover letter to audizionetida@gmail.com

We require availability for the primary interviews which will be conducted via Skype in July 2016.

Contact details

For further information please visit: www.tidaweb.net