Scene Bluss – LEGACY EditionThis year Scene:Bluss will make a new residency project. It will be under the direction of Marie Nikazm Bakken and Fredrik Floen. The project will end in a 25-hour theatre happening. All forms of artists are welcome to apply. Dancers, actors, costume designers, lighting designers / engineers, sound designers / technicians, set designers, playwrights, cooks, mask makers or carpenters. You name it! Off course you can fill one or more of these roles. There are 8 open residency slots.

Where: Grenland Friteater, Porsgrunn International Theater Festival, Norway

When: 06-19 June

Deadline for application: 20 April

Do you want to create a 25-hour stunt based theatre happening?

Scene:Bluss is part of PIT, Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival.

Scene:Bluss has existed for 15 years and has always been an experimental platform to show and talk about work. It has been a festival within the festival, focusing on younger art and younger artists. A place to test and share ideas. The two last years we also offered a residency. As organizers we see it as our task to push for the unknown and do something we have not done before. We push for developing the form of what a residency, a venue and a performance can be.

NOTE: The role as director and leading costume designer is filled. If you are a director or a costume designer, you can still apply to Scene:Bluss – LEGACY edition if you want to fill one or more positions.

The starting point for the theatre happening is a tribute to Grenland Friteater in connection with their 40th anniversary.

The residency takes place from June 6th to 19th in Porsgrunn, Norway.

The residency includes:
– Travel
– Accommodation
– Free food during daytime from 14th – 18th of June (during the festival days)
– Artist Card, that provides 50% of all performances
– Hopefully a fee (if our applications go through)

To apply please send us your CV and a motivational letter/video that explains why you want to participate at

!! application deadline 20.04.16 !!

Contact details

For further information please visit:

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