ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival invites dance, movement, image and video artists to submit their dance films to the 2nd edition of the Festival.

Where: Macao

When: October 2018

Deadline for applications: 1 September, 2018

Along with our two prestigious juried awards (ROLLOUT Jury Award, ROLLOUT Jury Recommendation Award) and our ROLLOUT Audience Award, the new ROLLOUT Innovation Award is added to the list to honour the dance film with the most explorative and interesting use of technologies or media.

ROLLOUT seeks to inspire creations and collaborations by people with enthusiasm while simultaneously encourage emerging artists to showcase their works in an organic environment, so that video artists, dance artists and the audience can all respond to, connect and exchange with one another through this art platform.

Period of Submission: From now until 1 September, 2018

Rules and Regulations:

Categories of Submission:
1. Public Screening ONLY
2. Campaign Session and Public Screening

Awards for Campaign Session:
ROLLOUT Dance Film Jury Award
ROLLOUT Jury Recommendation Award
ROLLOUT Audience Choice Award
ROLLOUT Innovation Award

All accepted entities will also be considered for recommendation to other international dance films festivals and platforms.

Apply online at

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