The laboratory aims to explore how the public space forms our body, how dance can be inspired by everyday movements and how we can break them down and then intervene in the public space. Participants will be invited to observe the public space, then through specific tasks, they will find ways to mirror it, to decipher it, and then to reconstitute it. The practice will be conducted outside.

This research aims to travel to various European cities.

The methodology contains influences from David Zambrano’s “Passing Through” technique, as this technique focuses on basic everyday movements (walking, running, pausing) and the continuous interaction of the participants with each other.

Where: Belgium, Brussels

When: Monday 11 – Friday 15 DECEMBER* / 12.00 – 16.00

*The exact places for the public space interventions will be announced later on to the participants.

Deadline for applications: 8th of December

The laboratory will contain 3 levels: 1. Observation, 2. Experimentation, 3. Feedback.

In particular, after a small presentation of the research, each day will initially include observation, then practical experimentation and finally a group discussion. We will observe people and space and then we will apply Construction and Deconstruction, focusing primarily on movement inspired by public parks and squares. We will create some common codes and we will apply them to the public space. The intervention on the outside will be filmed and will be material to be processed for research purposes. An overall video from all labs will be created for the presentation of the research.

This lab is part of a larger research on movement in public spaces, conducted within the framework of the Postgraduate Program “Performing Public Space” at Fontys University, Tilburg, The Netherlands. The goal is after research has travelled and observed various European cities, to arrive at a final performance/presentation to be held in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

How to apply

The call is addressed to people involved in artistic creation through movement and body (dancers, choreographers, actors, performers) that are interested in movement experimentation in public spaces.
For questions please send an email to

For participation submissions, you will be sending an e-mail to by 8th of December, including a full name and a short text indicating some information about you and the reasons you want to join (up to 500 words).
Participation is necessary at all days and at all stages of the workshop.
The group will be small, therefore the places are limited.


Contact details
Vicky Angelidou

For further information visit

Vicky Angelidou has studied Psychology and Dance and is a student in the postgraduate program “Performing Public Space” at the Fontys University in Tilburg, The Netherlands. In recent years she has been involved with various contemporary dance techniques such as Passing Through and Flying Low with David Zambrano (1 month intensive PTO in Catania, Sicily), with Gaga with Ohad Naharin (2 weeks intensive in Tel Aviv), with compositional techniques and repertoire of Ultima Vez with Wim Vandekeybus (1 week at the Deltebre Festival), as well as other contemporary dance teachers and their practices. She has created various contemporary dance works, which were presented at theatres and festivals in Thessaloniki and Athens. She teaches contemporary dance in several dance studios in Thessaloniki.

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