POZA Project Performance OpportunityPOZAproject facilitates focused research in and between the fields of dance/movement/ sound/ video and performance. It focuses on discovering possibilities rather than creating big productions. It also provides short trainings and workshops in various artistic genres. In February 2016 POZA will offer a four week long period of creative process and residency in Kinning Park Complex (Glasgow). Those four weeks will be concluded with a public sharing.

We are seeking two artists from different disciplines to be part of this evening. Existing work, excerpts of existing work or work in progress no longer than 15-20 min will be considered.

Where: Glasgow (Scotland)  Kinning Park Complex, 40 Cornwall St, Glasgow, G41 1AQ

Deadline for application 15th January 2016

Rehearsal time can be provided on Mondays between 10.00 – 15.30, between 8th and 29th February 2016.

Please note that the performing space is a simple hall with no back stage and no stage lights.

It is an unpaid opportunity.

How to apply please send one single A4 page proposal together with CV to: pozaproject@gmail.com

Costs for participants:  Free

Contact details  projectpoza@gmail.com

Your website or Facebook page http://www.pozaproject.org/performance-opportunity.html