Open Call for participation in the minifestival – Feminine Tripper
An event showing multiartistic research into topics of femininity, gender identities and power. See under for information on how to apply.

“….She urges forward to reach her destination
OR to travel on. She arrived just now and
yet, she has been here for the longest time.
Who does SHE think that she is?
And how does she want to be known?
She follows invisible ebbs and tides and in her essence she will always be and also gone.
What or how many is her counterpart?”

Where: Cafeteateret/ Nordic Black Theatre, Oslo, Norway

When: 24th of March 2018.

Deadline for applications:
23rd of February 2018

The strength to be found in fragility, the softness lurking in solidity. Two opposing forces, seemingly opposite, but where one entails the other. What gender dream are we currently dreaming? Are we moving towards androgyneity or multigenderism? Is femininity threatening masculinity, the other way around or are these labels outdated alltogether? 

Gender is a way to display ourselves. Self-presentation and identities are connected to our bodies.The body and voice represents physical realities, but also abstractions. It can be a door into knowledge and curiosity about who we are. In a society where rationality and physical realities is given priority- where does art fit in? Are we still adapting to a hard-edged ‘what you see is what you is what you get’- man’s world or is there space for the soft, intuitive and ambiguous? Art is about self-expression coming from our minds, our bodies our souls. What gender makes art?

On the evening of the 24th of March selected artists from all fields will give their artistic interpretation of the topics at Caféteateret in Oslo. All artists can apply with performances, video works, poetry, music, installations, visual works, regardless of age, sex, gender and nationality. Works will be chosen to be shown in the evening on the 24th of March. Visual works such as paintings, installations, drawings and videoworks will be presented in the festival arena as an exhibition in relation to the festival program.

Please note: We are applying for funding and sponsorship for the artists, but we cannot guarantee any salary or reimbursement of any costs related to your participation at this point. Technical rehearsals will take place daytime on the 23rd of March.

FEMININE TRIPPER is supported by NORDIC BLACK THEATRE and organized by OSLO BUTOH-LABORATORIUM / Margrete Slettebø and Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald.

To apply, please send us an application by the 23.rd of February to Mark the e-mail: Feminine Tripper


* A short project description.
* Photo/video material if possible.
* CV of all the contributing artists.
* Technical needs/equipment must be specified.