NOD invites you to the 5 days workshop led by MAËVA BERTHELOT ex Hofesh Company dancer

Workshop included into NOD International Contemporary dance Program
  and open to external dancers

When: June 12 – 16 h: 11,00/14,30

Where: Torino, Centro Danza Royal Via San Marino 89/14, Italy

After spending years touring internationally as a performer and as a teacher for choreographers like Emanuel Gat, Ohad Naharin & Hofesh Shechter, I am now developing a methodology focused on reconnecting dancers to their instruments: Body & Mind.
The aim is to help them gain a sense of Acceptance, Enjoyement, Creative Freedom and Harmony
The classes:
A Spiritual, Physical and Musical journey
Using imagery and imagination to expand the dancers understanding and sensations, we will then go an a complex exploration of qualities, energies and musicality.
We will also play with two very distinct ideas: the “Full Control” and the “Letting go”, trying to understand how a perfect balance can be found between conscious and unconscious movement.
These fundamentals are then expanded into richly detailed physical dance phrases

Centro Danza Royal – Via San Marino 89/14

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