Where: Hungary

Deadline for applications: 28 December 2017

The primary objective of Gangaray Artistic Program is to create a professionally unquestionable national and international standard in contemporary dance study.

Our audition is inviting dedicated dancers, who are open to work creatively and collectively, to become a part of a professional workflow in the search of their way to national and international dance world!

Dancers need previous experience in dance, which can be schools or courses. The program is looking for people who definitely have a strong will and dedicatedly wish to become a dance artist.

During our training program, we give a deep insight into different ways in which choreographers work, giving the opportunity to our dancers to expand their professional skills for their future. The main objective of this program is to fill in the space between school and the professional work environment. We try to prepare and give an opportunity to develop professionally their capacity as a dancer in this early career which should necessarily include performing skills as well. Part of the program we created more choreography per season giving them high professional standards and multiple debuts to be able to show themselves in public. The management used by domestic and foreign training experiences trying to raise a high international level where the invited masters, choreographers are called only on the basis of professional experience, exclusively concentrated in the power of knowledge through a filter created by management.


Every day our program works 5 to 6 hours a day, starting generally with a yoga class followed by different technique classes such as ballet or contemporary with teachers and choreographers from major European and international companies, exploring weekly or daily the most important, current contemporary techniques with dancers from Hofesh Shechter, Countertechnique, Gaga, Akram Khan, Eastman Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus, Meg Stuart, Rosas, Charleroi Danses, Anton Lachky. Depending on the period open workshops or creation of 3-4 hours a day.

To apply please send a professional life curriculum with a portrait photograph,

adding to the subject of the letter:

“G.A.P. Audition”

Application need to be sent to

Kindly note that G.A.P. will not cover travel expenses or accommodation.

Date: 2018.01.03. – 2018.06.04

(Possible performances during summer)


·       Clearly presenting yourself with a few sentences, followed by you dancing

·       Contemporary – including standing and floor material

·       Your style of dancing

·       Improvisation

International program fee after a successful audition
Dancers are required to send a registration fee of 500 euros to guarantee his/her place from January until June before the 2nd of January.

Monthly rate for each month 330,00 euros

In December we ask to pay for January, in January for February, in February for March and so on.

·       Deadline for payment of the first monthly fee of the program: 2017.12.29. / January + registr.fee

·       Deadline for payment of the second monthly fee of the program: 2018.01.26. / February

·       Deadline for payment of the third monthly fee: 2018.02. 23. / March

·       Deadline for paying the remaining monthly fees for the program is always the last Friday of each month.

·       If you pay 5 months in advance, we give a 20% reduced fare from the 5 months!

What we provide to you:
Everyday technical training
Customized education
Preparing demo material

Theater technical study

Daily work of 6 hours / 5 days a week
Open workshops

The program for the following year is intended to provide 2 creations performed at Bethlen Theater.

Masters and choreographers worked with us till today:

Tímea Maday Kinga – P.A.R.T.S., Cirque du Soleil, Hofesh Shechter, Rosas, Gangaray Dance Company

József Hámor – Artistic Director of Gangaray Dance Company, Szegedi Contemporary  Balett, Central Europe Dance Theater,  Pál Frenák , Yvett Bozsik

Anton Lachky – Anton Lachky company, Akram Khan

Attila Rónai – Hofesh Shechter

Péter Juhász – IDW, Les ballets c de la b, Charleroi Danses

Tom Cholot – Clown acrobat Cirque du Solei

Csaba Varga – Anton Lachky company, Eleonore Valére Lachky, Les ballets c de la b, Hiroaki Umeda

Gyula Cserepes – enknapgroup

Emil Bordás – Constanza Macras

Gábor Halász – Ballet National de Marseille, Random Dance, Balett Preljocal, Pál Frenák

Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi – Rosas, SEAD

László Takács – SEAD, Éva Duda Company

Kláry Patay – Artistic Director of Pataky Klári company

Filip van Huffel – de!kunsthumaniora dans

Dalma Wéninger – South Bohemian Ballet, Badora Company, Tellabor, Central Europe Dance Theater

Dávid Mikó béla – Eleonore Valere, Diego Gil, Matej Kejzar

Márton csuzi – Éva Duda Company

Csaba Sebestyén – National Opera of Hungary

László Mádi – Central Europe Dance Theater

Beatrix Csák – Éva Duda Company

Gabriella Máthé – Szegedi Kortárs Balett

Éva Duda – Artistic Director Éva Duda Company

Adrienn Haraszti – Codarts, Rotterdam dance academy

Jenna Jalonen – Éva Duda Company

Krisztián Kelemen – freelance dance, Central Europe Dance Theater

Zoltán Grecsó – University of Theatre and Film Arts

Natalia Iwaniec – Gaga Movement language/ repertoire

Sándor Hegedűs – theory

Natalia Iwaniec – Gaga Movement Language / Repertoire

Nina Wollny – master of countertechnique

Elias Lazaridis – Akram Khan, Hofesh Shechter , Eastman sidi larbi cherkaoui

Chris Tandy – Itzik Galili , Krisztina de Chatel

Máté Mészáros –  Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus

Contact details:

For further information, please visit Website:

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