Lagos Sea Dance is very happy to present the first One Month Intensive & Performance with David Zambrano organised in Portugal, an opportunity to go deep into Passing Through Practice and will be assisted by Florian Vuille.

Where: Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

When: 25th March to 21st April 2018

Deadline for applications: 15 January 2018

We will practice a full month, 6 hours per day of Passing through and Flying Low, It will be very physical and we will end with a public presentation of Passing Through directed by David. We will come to a place that goes beyond the technical principle of Passing Through, and you will have a great experience of expanding the possibilities, and express yourself with your full physicality within an intuitively structured group composition!

This residential one month includes events to support professional network and opportunities for starting creative processes. There will be occasions for public presentations for you to present personal work or to try out new experimental research.

The Workshop is integrated into an Education Project for Sustainability, and Ecological Regeneration. Lagos is a city that you going to have time to discover during the stay. Nearby the Natural Park of Vicentina Coast, with amazing beaches surrounded by nature, that you going to enjoy being!

To register, please e-mail at or download the application form at the web site: after your application form is filed in please send to us by email.

Participants in Lagos Sea Dance – David Zambrano/2018  must have previous knowledge of Flying low and Passing through.

If you have not attended a workshop with David Zambrano before, please indicate clearly with whom you have worked Flying low and Passing through.

It is important to write your motivation letter in application and CV

As soon David Zambrano accepts your application you can confirm your inscription with the first payment. (We will give you an option of choosing a payment plan A or plan B; includes everything, more details on the website).


Price plan A ( all included)  With inscription accepted until 31st Jan

2025 € (4-bed p/ Room)
2150 € (2-bed p/ Room)
1980€ (4 bed p/ room) > 10 participants in WS +2 hours/day collaboration in production

Price plan B ( all included) for inscriptions accepted from 1st Feb

2250€ (2 or 4 bed p/ room regardind availability)

990 €

Contact details:

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