Dancing The Moment is a workshop open to anyone who wants to connect more deeply with themselves and the present moment through movement.

By learning how to relate to the space in and around us, we can respond more consciously rather than impulsively react. We experience directly through our bodies what it’s like to: step out of our comfort zone, overcome our resistance to change, let go of certain patterns that are limiting our growth, find the confidence to take action and build more trust within ourselves.

Anouk’s workshop has been attended by a wide variety of people from different creative and professional backgrounds including, dancers, performers, actors, musicians, visual artists, designers, therapists, doctors, nurses, journalists, yoga instructors, and many more.

Where: Studio JOJI 18 rue de la Glacière Bruxelles, Belgium

When: 13.01.2018 / Time: 3-7pm

Deadline for applications: 12.01.2018


– Reconnects us with the joy of creativity.
– Frees us from habitual patterns.
– Increases our awareness to respond.
– Builds more confidence through risk-taking.
– Nurtures an environment of trust.
– Deepens our sense of connection and belonging.

Anouk’s BIO:
Anouk is a dancer. Her professional experience spans 15 years performing internationally. Since 2014, she’s dedicated her lifetime experience in dance and bodywork to facilitate people’s personal development and leadership skills. A certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor, Anouk gives creative movement workshops to a wide variety of professionals and amateurs from different cultural backgrounds.

How to apply: anouk.froidevaux@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 50€

Contact details: anouk.froidevaux@gmail.com

for further information, please visit http://dancingthemoment.com/

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