Dancing The Moment is an improvisation-based workshop that allows you to experience directly through your body what it’s like to: step out of your comfort zone, overcome your resistance to change, let go of certain patterns that are limiting your growth, find the confidence to take action and build more trust within yourself.

These workshops are open to anyone who wants to connect more deeply with themselves and the present moment through movement.

  Studio JOJI 18 rue de la Glacière Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

When: 30.09 – 01.10.2017

Deadline for applications: 29.09.2017

– Reconnects us with the joy of creativity.
– Frees us from habitual patterns.
– Builds awareness in situations that help us respond rather
than react impulsively to them.
– Empowers by building trust through taking risks.
– Deepens our sense of connection and belonging.

“Anouk’s workshop is very refreshing and inspiring. It allows you to really come back into the body, and banish the judgemental mind that sometimes takes over when we improvise. I find her workshop to be a fantastic way to reset my body and mind, and reunite them again in a very pure way.” – K. Jacques (Dancer, Visual Artist).

To register, please e-mail anouk.froidevaux@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 100 €

Contact details: anouk.froidevaux@gmail.com

For further information, please visit http://dancingthemoment.com/

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