Intensive 4-day workshop: This four-day intensive London studio workshop will give an overview of Oguri’s approach to Body Weather.

The body is full of language, a different language than that which flows through the mouth. A quiet body, however reticent in appearance, is unrelenting; like a flowing river, it never ceases telling. Step by step, movements build organically, becoming more complex, demanding awareness, especially as two or more opposing movements are attempted simultaneously.
Guided by the knee’s brain, the colorful, suggestible body articulates changes of the center of gravity, speaking to the muscle and drawing flexibility. Tiny movement brings consciousness of muscle fiber. The body is adorned by gravity and dances. Embodying the body of another. Embodying the environment. Internalizing the external. Movement through image – always searching and finding, the image beckons. Existence keeps moving, reaching and reaching.


Body Weather – Body/Landscape: The basic training and point of departure for this workshop, Body Weather, is a comprehensive training and performance practice that investigates the intersections of bodies and their environments. Bodies are not conceived as fixed entities, but just like the weather, constantly changing through an infinite and complex system of processes occurring in and outside of these bodies.

Participants profile: for artists and mature students working in performance, dance, landscape art, sculpture, photography, architecture, theatre, visual arts and natural history.

Where: Chisenhale Dance Space, 64-84 Chisenhale Road, London, E3 5QZ, UK

When: Tuesday 31 Oct – Friday 3 Nov, 2017.

Application deadline: Please reserve as soon as possible to ensure a place. The workshop will be closed to applicants once maximum numbers are reached.

How to apply: For information and to apply send an email with your name and a short c.v/biog. to Monique Hunt

Upon acceptance you will need to send a non-refundable enrolment deposit of £40 to confirm your reservation.

Costs: £210 full / £190 concession.

Oguri-Dancer/Choreographer: Native of Japan, Oguri’s inspiration to dance came after meeting Butoh founder Hijikata Tatsumi. He started training/performing in 1985 with famed dancer Min Tanaka’s company, Mai-Juku and participated in founding Body Weather Farm. Oguri also began performing solo dance in the avant-garde scene in Tokyo. He also designed the lighting for Min Tanaka’s choreographies. He practiced traditional organic farming, experiencing the rhythms and cycles of this most human lifestyle. This connection of the human body to nature is a foundation of Oguri’s dance. 1991- Oguri moved to Los Angeles and formed Body Weather Laboratory LA with Roxanne Steinberg. For over 30 years, Oguri has been teaching, creating and producing dance and multi-media works incorporating his own large-scale set/sculpture installations and his dramatic, often chiaroscuro lighting in formal theater settings and site-specific venues worldwide. He continues to investigate the relationship of dance to environment and the boundaries between performer and audience. He has developed collaborative projects with musicians, sculptors, painters, and poets, using literature, daily life imagery and simple materials to transform space and time with dance. He actively brings dance to the wider community. Since 1998, twice a year, Oguri produces “Flower of the Season”, a series of workshops and performances, giving national and international emerging and master dance artists opportunities to develop and present work. In 2011, Oguri formed ARCANE Collective with Morleigh Steinberg, touring full productions and live concepts.

Contact details: Monique Hunt

For further information, please visit

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