The Fontys Bachelor of Choreography is looking for contemporary dancers with strong physical, theatrical and improvisation skills. (M/F)

Where: Het Juttheater, Galjoenstraat 35-37, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Audition is 15th of January, 2016 12:00-16:00

Deadline for application: 4th of January 2016

Coming year Evangelos Biskas, Luisa Schmitz, Eleni Ploumi, Ivana Diboune and Annemijn Rijk are all graduating from the Bachelor of Choreography. We are each going to create a production in a professional context, within the framework of our graduation. During the rehearsals a research will be established that will lead to a performance. The research will be characterized by the exchange between dancers and choreographer. We would like to work with both young and experienced dancers.

How to apply
To apply please send us your CV and a video of your dancing to: Deadline for applications is January, 4th. You will receive an email from us no later than the January the 8th 2016, informing you as to whether or not you have been invited. If you have been invited we will then send you the relevant information regarding your audition.
– We are looking for 4 dancers.
– Make sure we can identify you straight away on your video.
– We prefer to see a good quality studio video over a bad quality stage video.
– It is possible that you get a call back after the audition.

Costs: None

Contact details
For questions and to apply you can contact us at

For further information please visit