Stichting ENS is looking for interns. We are organizing auditions on a Saturday in september in or near Amsterdam. The date and location isn’t set jet but you are welcome to apply. Further information will be sent by email to anyone who applies.

Next season Stichting ENS is looking forward to a couple of assignments, a new production and a collaboration with other choreographers.

Deadline for application: 1 september 2015

Where: Amsterdam

What are we looking for:
We are looking for a physical strong male dancer and female dancers that can work very deep and low to the ground.
Dancers that can affiliate with the material and are able to enhance it to a higher level.
Dancers and dance teachers that fit the clear vision of ENS and are able to convey this.

What do you have to do:
3 simple steps.

1.   Send an email to
2.   The subject of the mail is:”audition ENS 2015″ (if not you will not get on the mailing list)
3a.   Write a short pitch about yourself, your goals, videolinks, if you want an internship.
3b.   Send a cv with all the necessary information
3c.   Send a resent and normal selfie with the email

If we receive all your information correctly you will get a conformation from us and in the near future the exact dates, times and other information.

For further information please visit:

Photo: Nathalie Westerveld Photography