ATOM THEATRE invites you in Sofia, Bulgaria to take part in the 10 days Choreographic research series#1 led by Choreographers from South Korea, Germany and Bulgaria.

Where: ATOM Theatre Studio, Mitropolit Panaret Str. 9, Sofia, Bulgaria (КЪЩА Creative Hub)

When: 10-21 July 2017

Deadline for applications: July 8, 2017 / PLACES are limited to 30! When filling all the places we will contact all participants via email!

ATOM CHOREOGRAPHIC SERIES #1 – Movement in КЪЩА + 10-21 JULY 2017 // 21 JULY – Showcase


S. Korea > Lee Jung In; Choi Won Suk and Pyo Sang Man
Germany > Ilona Roth
Bulgaria > Stefaniya Georgieva; Marion Darova♣ ATOM THEATRE and КЪЩА CREATIVE HUB are starting ‘ATOM CHOREOGRAPHIC SERIES #1 – Movement in КЪЩА’ – an international exchange platform for professional dancers and choreographers. The aim of the program is to provide space for research and explore the creative process in dance.

♣ ‘ATOM CHOREOGRAPHIC SERIES #1 – Movement in КЪЩА’ is going to take place in the period of 10 days of intense work between 10 and 21 July 2017 in КЪЩА CREATIVE HUB’ and it’s going to unite choreographers from South Korea, Germany and Bulgaria. In the beginning all dancers are going to take part in a two-day workshop together with the choreographers. Following that the choreographers will split the participants in groups working intensively throughout the rest of the period.

♣ ‘ATOM CHOREOGRAPHIC SERIES #1 – Movement in КЪЩА’ will conclude with a showcase of the designed choreography pieces in front of an audience.

♣ATOM CHOREOGRAPHIC SERIES # 1 – Movement in HOUSE will be held in English.

PROGRAM: You can find detailed program on the website:

How to apply:

The training is for advanced and professional dancers of all styles as well as actors, circus artists and etc.

To apply, please fill out the application form:


150 BGN – The whole period of ATOM CHOREAGRAPHIC SERIES # 1 (120 BGN Early Bird – payment until 30 June)
100 BGN – Workshops the first two days (10 + 11 July)
30 BGN – Participation in only one of the dance workshops (with optional choreographer)SCHOLARSHIP:
Two people will receive a scholarship (covering the participation fee) and will be selected on the basis of the motivation for participation and the possibility of inclusion in the whole training. Preference will be given to participants who are not based in Sofia.

* The two people will be informed via email and will be announced on the ATOM THEATER facebook page no later than 20th of June!

Contact details: