Ariella Vidach – AiEP interactive dance company in partnership with DiDstudio in Milano is opening call for:
–       Young choreographers – under 35
–       Dancers – under 30

Deadline for application: September 15, h 12:00

Where: DidStudio, Via Procaccini, 4 – Milan – Italy

When: September through December 2015

•       To foster young authors and dancers, by providing them with tutorial assistance, technical support and rehearsing studios, and help them to develop their own creative and performative potential;
•       To offer studying and learning opportunities, through specific workshops, aiming to develop multidisciplinary skills according to the needs and demands of the surrounding professional and social context.
•       To bring together choreographers and dancers,  facilitating their meeting within a shared framework and fostering their cooperation under a mutually shared mission.


– Young Choreographers – under 35, Italian and non-Italian, who want to work on a brand new creation, or who want to give new life to a pre-existing own work.

– Dancers – under 30, Italian and non-Italian, who are open to enhance and implement their dance and non-dance experience, by taking part in skill-developing activities, and who are available to be included in the choreographers’ projects.

How to apply:
Application will be sent by email at
Reference: Call for proposals – NAOCREA 2015 – First name, Last name
Please specify that you are applying as:
1.      Choreographer who want to restyle an existing own work
2.      Choreographer who want to start a brand new work
3.      Dancer
All candidates:
must attach in .pdf:
–       curriculum vitae
–       motivational letter (max 1 sheet)

Choreographers with an existing work:
must attach:
–       Filled form (ALLEGATO A) containing:

o       Work synopsis or short description of contents (max 2.000 strokes, blanks included)
o       Stage set up outline, including images, projections, interactive software used, ecc.
o       Innovative items to be included, and motivation
o       Other opportunities opened by the work itself (sponsors, alternative frameworks, ecc)

–       Budget (ALLEGATO B)

Applicants may be summoned for an interview before first shortlist is made.

Contact details:
For any information and to be forwarded attachments required please email to:

or call +39 02 345 0996