Space Issue with Julyen HamiltonFor professional dancers wanting to enrich their performance skills.
Parallel with the workshop WORDS IN PERFORMANCE for dancers (series of 4 workweeks, see website)

In space both the voice and the moving body have place, have volume. And in this volume, this three-dimensional zone, can resound what emanates from us as we move and as we make sound.

The issue of space is a central area of obsession for the dancer/performer, it is where performer and audience meet. It concerns both the geometric and emotional powers of space as a basic language of sensitivity and communication in the theatre.

Where: Carthago Delenda Est in Brussels (BE)

When: 10-14 November 2014 (more…)

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Audition Notice National Theater MannheimNationaltheater Mannheim is looking for dancers with good singing experience for the production “Wake up and dream. Ein Cole Porter Songbook” in the Nationaltheater Mannheim.

The director has sheet music for the following songs and you will need to prepare ONE of the following songs to sing for the audition:

“Anything goes”
“Begin the beguine”
“From this moment on”
“In the still of the night”
“Love for sale”
“Let’s misbehave”

Audition date: 25.10.2014 (more…)

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Audition Notice BalletBoyz

October 21st, 2014 | Posted by Mihaela Griveva in Auditions - (0 Comments)

Audition notice Ballet BoyzBalletBoyz are looking for 2 female dancers for their new production Young Men, premiering at Sadler’s Wells in January 2015.

Initial contract from December 1st 2014 to January 18th 2015

1 female with the playing age of 18-25

1 female with the playing age of 30-40

Dancers are required to have a strong classical and contemporary technique. (more…)

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System Mix Workshop with Bud BlumenthalIn this workshop we will use two sets of contrasting tools for inventing movement and then a third that merges the two. 

When: November 10 – 14 @Sergine Laloux

Where: Studio Hybrid, Brussels
Somatic processes such as textual and sonic induction, visualization, conceptual entrainment will stimulate the generation of gestures and movement material at their source.

Cognitive processes like movement rules, formulas, topographic definitions, translations and kinesthetic filters will cause, control and modify movement sequences after their initial impulse. Mining these two sources constitutes two primary orientations to movement invention.

Combining the two, simultaneously, sequentially or alternatively, produces surprisingly anti-intuitive and original dance ideas.
The resulting movement amalgams can be highly complex and their performance liberating. (more…)

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Audition notice Staatstheater NurnbergFor the season 2015/2016 Goyo Montero, Director of the Nuremberg Ballet, is looking for female and male soloists. An excellent level in classical and contemporary technique and experience of min 2 years in professional dance is required.

Where: Nürnberg, Germany

Deadline for applications: 19 December 2014

To apply please send inscription with CV, dance pictures and headshot until latest 19 December 2014 to: Staatstheater Nürnberg, Ballettdirektion, Richard-Wagner-Platz 2-10, D-90443 Nürnberg, Germany or by email: or fax: +49-911-231-82 38

For further information please visit:

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